Come in to take a Swing and Feel The SPEED. Two letters that mark the way to the future of Titleist Speed. A mission to solicit speed from every detail of the driver, the “TS” project is a peerless pursuit of speed where every micron and milligram matter. GJ Golf has the Titleist TS2 and TS3 ready for swinging and Fitting. From Glenwood Springs Colorado to Moab Utah and from Craig Colorado to Telluride Colorado there is no better place to try and buy Golf Clubs that Grand Junction Golf.

Two Ways To Speed

The new TS Metals offer two distinct designs that bring more speed to your game. TS2 lets you swing aggressive with maximum forgiveness across the face, while TS3 offers an adjustable sweet spot for speed-tuned performance.

Distance Is In The Details

It’s not one thing, it’s everything. Our new Speed Chassis is the result of a two-year mission to deconstruct the driver and then design greater speed into every detail. Now available in two designs, each born to bring the future of Titleist speed to your game