Here at GJ Golf, we have an extensive collection of high-quality putters. In our Putting Studio, you can try various styles and shapes on our realistic practice green.

Using our SAM Putt Lab and State of the Art Putting Studio, we can get you into the proper length and head style that will best fit your game.

Putters at GJ Golf

Scotty Cameron

Continuing the evolution of a line engineered for performance, milled to precision and designed with elegance, the Scotty Cameron putter line is an excellent choice.


The O-Works Red 2-Ball Putter is a mallet design with 2-Ball alignment, a Microhinge face insert, a double-bend shaft a full-length shaft offset, and a red finish.


With the softer feel and consistent ball speeds of the PING putter you will hole more putts than ever.


TaylorMade Putters will help you gain stability and accuracy on the putt like never before.


All Putter Models Have SeeMore’s Patented RifleScope Technology (RST) Alignment System, For A True Reference Point For Perfect Alignment And Set Up On Every Putt.


Cleveland Golf, focused on Where Scoring Matters, manufacturers innovative putters that offer the perfect blend of premium materials and scoring innovations to help you get closer to the hole with less puts.


With every custom milled putter from SIK Golf, you can rest assured that the look, sound, feel, and most importantly, the performance meet and exceed the standards of touring professionals.


The Wilson putters line promotes consistent impact, roll, and distance control, while also moving the balance point closer to the hands for a smoother, more controlled putting stroke.


The Happy Putter allows you to adjust the putter to compensate for the tendencies that may be causing you to miss putts. And for the first time, you can “dial in” your putter to match green conditions on any given day.

What is the COOLEST new thing at GJ Golf?

The Odyssey O Works Face Putter

The new O-Works putters with our revolutionary Microhinge Insert Technology have created a new way to roll, and they will change how golfers look at putting forever.

Our Microhinge Insert Technology provides incredible gains in topspin and roll at impact regardless of your stroke. The stainless steel Microhinge plate is co-molded into our Thermoplastic Elastomer Feel Layer, providing great feel and the new geometry of the hinges and urethane together help to get the ball into a better roll at impact.

Science and Motion (SAM) PuttLab

World’s Leading Putt Analysis System

Together with international PGA Tour Pros the scientists of Science&Motion (SAM) Sports have developed world wide unique analysis and training systems: SAM PuttLab and SAM BalanceLab. The SAM PuttLab putting analysis and training system and the SAM BalanceLabpressure plate for tracking the golfers’ weight transfer are considered as the leading technologies in their fields worldwide.